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Seriously, I had this icon BEFORE I joined this community......

ANYWAYS...I figure I should introduce my stalking self to the world.

I'm Mimi....a stalker, in general. My first stalkee was this one kid in my school that I met over the summer when I was in band camp [hey, im a band dweeb].....I really didn't know him. I had no emotional attatchment whatso-ever, and I think it started as me trying to piss him off...After a while, he just got used to me following him around school, and going into his math class instead of being across the campus in english like I was supposed to be.... and seeing me in unexpected places. Now we're good friends.

Since then, I have stalked a number of people [mostly people I have liked], and have figured out their entire schedules. It helps if you can sneak into a dean/ principal's office and see the boards [if you have them], saying the hours of classes on rows and the teachers on columns, that way you know what hours they could possibly have a certian teacher.

Or, you can get your friends to help you stalk them...or follow them in the large crowd of students behind them. Random stalkings rock though....

And that's just me


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I must say there is something really exciting about being close to the person you are stalking in a large crowd and they don't know you are there.
Like a lioness in the middle of a zebra herd...