big sexy poem machine (snapppleismine) wrote in we_stalk_people,
big sexy poem machine

Hi, I'm new here.

Just wanted to say that I tend to stalk people randomly, and spontaneously.
I think it's fun to try to figure out who people are.
I suppose my most successful ever stalking endeavor was when I was cleaning offices. A person's cubicle can be like an open book. There was one guy, who was pretty mean to alot of the workers below him. I suppose I developed a fasination with him. Alot of the time when I would clean, he wouldn't be around. I would investigate his paper junk and stuff like that. I found out alot of things, mainly because he was an extremely organized person, who was really easy to figure out. I eventually knew when he was engaged, his favorite sports teams, music, all of that stuff. I also could tell he had gotten into a fight with his wife. He would put these random bits of phone conversations on his corkboard. They were random enough that they were hard to comprehend to most people, but I could tell they were things people had said to him.
I always thought it was funny because while I was cleaning the office with him in there, he would be rude, and barely look at me. He had know idea how much I knew about him after a while.
The company moved, so I don't work there anymore, but it was pretty fun while it lasted. Like solving a mystery. I never got a chance to actually stalk him, which was something that would have been interesting. He got alot of invites to big parties where noone knows anyone else there. I really could've gone to one of them. I never had anything to wear though. :)
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