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we_stalk_people's Journal

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Well, you're here, so that means you're a stalker. Am I wrong? ... Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Anyways. This is a community for those of you out there who stalk people. Whether it be a friend, relative, random person or someone famous. If you stalk someone, then join.

When posting, please tell us who and why and discuss random things that the person/people does/do on a daily basis. For instance, we [the maintainers of this fine community that you should all join cough choke sneeze] stalk this kid in our school. He's really quiet and smiles all the time and randomly does things like play with his hand. Not only that, but he also tells us about the retina in his eye, signs yearbooks and hums great melodies. Plus, his middle name is Leslie so how can we not love him, duh. We know what it's like to stalk someone and we also know what it's like to stalk someone and not have a place to share our love for the people we stalk. So that's what this is for.

Maintained by; minikick, even if she abandoned it >:o  :'(  and __idigmygrave

For the record, we, the maintainers, are not real stalkers. It's a joke and this community was made as a joke. We do not encourage REAL stalking or anything of the sort (you know, the kind of thing where restraining orders and jailtime come into the picture). This was not at all meant to be creepy, and to be quite honest we never expected anyone to join. This was simply made as a joke to discuss a fascination we had with a kid in our science class when we were freshmen in high school, who we would occasionally see around and then proceed to inspect the interesting things he did, because really, this kid was way interesting. We have no control over who joins this community and what really goes on with these people, and if anyone comes across this community and finds it weird and creepy, I just want that to be noted so no one thinks we are horrible and people to be afraid of. Thanks, bye.