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a stalking story from way back in the day [19 Dec 2006|01:53pm]

so i went to indiana state university down in terre haute right out of highschool in 2000. that summer, they sent a book to the incoming freshmen that had all the other freshmen pictures in it with their hometown, highschool, interests, and shit like that. so i was sitting there one day and i saw this guy...his name was craig myers. i was like holy fucking hell, i have to find this guy when i get there, cause he was sooooo hot. oh yeah, it also listed in the book what dorm hall they would be living in. for the 1st 2 months, i would go around the building randomly and look for him and stuff like that, but i never could find him. then one night, i actually saw him at this party at this place called the vault. man that was the funnest place ever. i was so drunk off my ass, and i went up to him. and here's what i said...


yeah...he looked at me like i was fucking INSANE. well hell, i was. there were like 20 people standing around who all heard this shit too. i am such a moron.

BUT, that didnt stop us from making out. LOL
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hey stalkers [18 Dec 2006|06:04pm]

is this community dead?? seriously, it needs to be brought back. i LOVE stalking people...spying, stalking...its sorta all the same, right??

but yeah, this community has to come back to life. the shit i've read on it already is hilarious!!

so what do we do??
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[12 Aug 2005|10:14pm]

Angela and I have become semi-friends. I'm going to her birthday and I want to help her deal with her eating disorder. Any advice on how I can approach the subject without being offensive?

[24 Jul 2005|03:22pm]

hi. i'm in love with a girl i used to watch. then i didn't see her for months because she was hospitalized for an eating disorder. now she's back and looks much better and went back to work and school. my journal is friends only but i'll add anyone who is a hopeless romantic like me.

[07 Nov 2004|01:40am]

Hi, I'm new here.

Just wanted to say that I tend to stalk people randomly, and spontaneously.
I think it's fun to try to figure out who people are.
I suppose my most successful ever stalking endeavor was when I was cleaning offices. A person's cubicle can be like an open book. There was one guy, who was pretty mean to alot of the workers below him. I suppose I developed a fasination with him. Alot of the time when I would clean, he wouldn't be around. I would investigate his paper junk and stuff like that. I found out alot of things, mainly because he was an extremely organized person, who was really easy to figure out. I eventually knew when he was engaged, his favorite sports teams, music, all of that stuff. I also could tell he had gotten into a fight with his wife. He would put these random bits of phone conversations on his corkboard. They were random enough that they were hard to comprehend to most people, but I could tell they were things people had said to him.
I always thought it was funny because while I was cleaning the office with him in there, he would be rude, and barely look at me. He had know idea how much I knew about him after a while.
The company moved, so I don't work there anymore, but it was pretty fun while it lasted. Like solving a mystery. I never got a chance to actually stalk him, which was something that would have been interesting. He got alot of invites to big parties where noone knows anyone else there. I really could've gone to one of them. I never had anything to wear though. :)
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[31 Oct 2004|12:09pm]

i don't currently "stalk" anyone. but i certainly have in the past. although at the time i didn't think so. i just thought i was being super observant and resourceful ;) haha
i knew their schedules, likes, dislikes, when the slept, etc.
i also have surprised the poo outta some friends online who haven't given me much information (or so they thought) by sending them a snail-mail. they were like WHAT THE???
it was quite funny.
for a while my nickname was just "stalker"

oh yeah, and btw, my name is sarah
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Stalking=fun [29 Oct 2004|08:39pm]

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Seriously, I had this icon BEFORE I joined this community......

ANYWAYS...I figure I should introduce my stalking self to the world.

I'm Mimi....a stalker, in general. My first stalkee was this one kid in my school that I met over the summer when I was in band camp [hey, im a band dweeb].....I really didn't know him. I had no emotional attatchment whatso-ever, and I think it started as me trying to piss him off...After a while, he just got used to me following him around school, and going into his math class instead of being across the campus in english like I was supposed to be.... and seeing me in unexpected places. Now we're good friends.

Since then, I have stalked a number of people [mostly people I have liked], and have figured out their entire schedules. It helps if you can sneak into a dean/ principal's office and see the boards [if you have them], saying the hours of classes on rows and the teachers on columns, that way you know what hours they could possibly have a certian teacher.

Or, you can get your friends to help you stalk them...or follow them in the large crowd of students behind them. Random stalkings rock though....

And that's just me


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[17 Sep 2004|10:15pm]
I like the way I don't mean to stalk someone, i just see someone i like and it just comes naturally, information seems to flow to me.

Although I have no-one to stalk at the moment. Tres upsetting. Has anyone got any tips?
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[16 Sep 2004|09:51pm]

Stalking is fun.

I actually do more spying than stalking. My victims aren't chosen for a specific reason. I just like watching people. Malls are great. And especially anywhere with alot of pre-teens and younger teenagers. They're always entertaining. Grating, but entertaining.

Feel free to stalk me anytime.

Daniella. =o)
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[16 Aug 2004|04:42pm]

I think you should go stalk this girl _godsmacked  Its fun stalking her. Don't tell that I told you to stalk her though.

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